Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Shit thats annoying me lately

1. Girls who live their life on social networking, meaning when they are at a restaurant or bar they are on facebook on their phone or twittering about what drink they just ordered. NOBODY cares, especially if your NOT FAMOUS. Put Your Phone Down.

2.Hipsters who think they are so original but open your fucking eyes, you look like everyone else which is completely what you werent trying to do. Time to change it up, tight pants, vans, flannels, old band T shirts yea your not original.

3.Girls who are not famous but have done some modeling and think they are super stars twittering like they are Ashton Kutcher.

4.HATERS!! Yea fuck you you haters, always trying to hate on everyone especially in graffiti. Jealous ass niggas mad cause they aint up or cause they aint doing shit.

**5** new one - Girls with blogs that just have fashion photos, no words, no opinions, no thoughts, yea great thanks for your blog, I have flickr.

Im blanking on some more, ill add them later!! Feel free to leave yours in the comments

Shout out to my AZ peoples!!! Srek n Tens