Thursday, August 28, 2008

Magic Convention Las Vegas

So Sunday morning at 6AM im up and getting ready for vegas. Almost there and I look over and see Tal from DCMA's mowhawk in the car next to me. Already seeing people I know, wow its going to be a long couple days. Chilled at the pool for a little then it was off to what I thought was a Tribal Party. Once I get there I realize its the DCMA party at Wasted Space at the Hard Rock with all the 7th Letter heads in the building.
Next day were spose to go to Magic but the homie says fuck it and we chill in this room.

There's was some crazy lightning storm and me some chick who does porn caught a view of some ill lightning out the window.

Later that night its off to the Stussy party to see EPMD perform at the Palms. Im walking through looking for the venue and I see The Green Eyed Bandit himself Eric Sermon walk right past me. I stop and consider saying whats up after all he did a few songs with one of my good friends. Hes by himself and stops to play slots and has no one around him. Im like fuck it lets go get into the show (afterwards i was like dam i shoulda got a pic with him).

This party was SUPER crowded tons of people out front chilling trying to get in so we make up something real quick and tell homie were with so and so and he stamps our hands. Cool were in. Crowded as fuck in there but EPMD killed it and Supernatural went on next and was freestyling about whatever people handed him. I hope that shit makes it to YouTube cause did was killing it!!! Best freestyler in the game for sure.

So the next day its off to the magic convention and you need a pass to get in. Heres mine

The convention was HUGE downstairs they had all your smaller brands and i saw the homie at Rogue Status and the Rebel 8 booth and so on. Upstairs were the big brands and celebs (Boo Ya Tribe, Paul Wall, Skinhead Rob, Evidence, Alchemist & Mos Def just some of the people upstairs.

That night I went over to the Diesel party by the pool at the Palms. Pretty much what you would expect of a Diesel party only good thing was open bar.

From there it was off to TAO at the venetian. This club was packed but the homie had the VIP wristband so we didnt have to wait in line and slid right in. There was a lingerie show in there and more free drinks.

Vegas kills me - i hope i dont have to go back for at least a year.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Charles Manson

Look for some music from Charlie in the 5AM video!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

War 1,2 & 3 Special Edition Trill OG!!

So my partners over at War42 gave me the new DVD with War 1,2 & 3 on one DVD. If your not knowing these are the best graffiti dvds out. With each DVD the bombing gets sicker and the quality of the DVDs gets better. Look for War 4 dropping early 2009. Now my video 5AM should be dropping around October of this year and the difference is no pranks, no hoes, no skating, just all out in action bombing.

For purchasing info contact war42

Or go to your local graff store and tell em to order it and get it in there store

I got some extras also so you can holler at me too.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Revok Arrested?

NDIO, Calif. -- A 31-year-old Los Angeles man suspected of leaving his mark -- "Revok'' -- around the Coachella Valley during the last three Coachella Music and Arts Festivals has been arrested at his house and is facing a vandalism charge.
The alleged tagger's habit of promoting himself on Web sites like YouTube helped investigators track him down, an Indio police spokesman said Sunday.
"Revok'' was arrested in Los Angeles Thursday morning, and booked on suspicion of vandalism in connection with tagging incidents over the past three years, incidents coinciding with the popular Coachella Festival.

Police had been searching for Revok since April 25, when a new round of tags were spotted, and they were able to get fingerprints and track Revok down through the Internet, said Indio police spokesman Ben Guitron.
"He kept showing up at the Coachella Fest and he kept tagging parts of our city,'' Guitron said. "No matter what you call it, it's defacing public and private property.''
Revok apparently had corporate sponsors who backed his efforts as cutting-edge artistic expression, Guitron said.
"He's considered to have great talent, but out here it's not accepted,'' Guitron said. "It's a lifestyle where they love to promote themselves. We saw some things on YouTube and other places. We were able to identify him that way.''
Guitron said other agencies are following up on the identification of "Revok'' and other tag identities Revok allegedly used. More charges in other jurisdictions may be forthcoming, Guitron said.