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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Johnny Cupcakes

If you dont know about Johnny Cupcakes hes this dude from Boston who decided to start a T-Shirt company about cupcakes. For some reason he blew up and has mutiple stores and fans line up for blocks for his shirts.

Thats cool, im glad for his success, he seems like a good dude, and I been in his LA store, awesome design and the manager with the tat on her throat was real cool.

But I gotta throw some hateraide out there, sorry. I dont understand why these people wait in long lines for some T shirts with cupcakes on them. I dont think hes designs are dope, although the ideas and concept of it all is pretty cool, but in no way would I have ever thought he would blow up to where its at today.

Anyway decide for yourself

SF - fast fwd like 3 min in

Portland - this one the slow motion cam is really cool.


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

5AM / Sabotaz Paint / Oink Art Ltd / Gimer

heres the promo we did for Sabotaz - thanks to James from Oink Art LTD


5AM / Sabotaz Paint / Oink Art Ltd / Gimer from 5AMVideo on Vimeo.


The Weekend

So the other day I went on an unexpected mission and encountered some stuff I couldnt believe. So I took some flicks, all from my phone so they are shitty quality but youll get the point.

First off went to go eat, when we noticed the street taped off for an event. It was a food cart event so we walked up and the dude said its 10 bucks but its all sold out. WTF. So we walked to the next entrance and simply walked right in past the dude. We got in and realized why it was 10$, all the food was free!

The ice cream flavors they had were stumpdown coffe, apple pie, and bacon and something.

From there we were pretty drunk already, and ended up at some party. Didnt know what to expect, we get there and theres a bunch a strange people, but tons of free alcohol so fuck it.

I got a white trash feeling at this birthday party, but we were getting drunk so it was cool. They were djing off you tube, first time i seen that.

This chick was hot

At this point im thinking where the hell am I? Then these girls starting doing the forbidden dance, that was cool.

We left there pretty wasted, ended up in the hood at a club they search you for weapons, and there are no white people. I saw this hot white chick with a sleeve I wanted to holler at but overheard her talking about "no im not white, come on now im purto rican", then she got down and got her eagle on. yea bitch your white gettdafuckouttahere.

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What The Fuck of the day???

So im looking at Shay Marias myspace and I look down and see

Shay Maria

19 yr old model out of LA, JESUS, im trying to chill girl!!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

5AM / Sabotaz Paint / Oink Art Ltd / Gimer

This weekend we finally got some decent weather so it gave us a chance to film Gimer paint one of his tiny pieces with some new paint from Sabotaz. Look for that edit to be posted within the next couple weeks. Here are the other images from the same wall.

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Friday, April 16, 2010

Earsnot - DIY America

Ever since Infamy, always enjoy watching anything with Earsnot.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Banksy In LA for Movie Release

One of Banksys pieces was put up in a public area and then stolen, allegedly by a local art dealer who is going to try to sell the piece without Banksys permission. Wow looks like street art just got real "street" hahaha.

I am not pleased by Mr Brainwash's involvement in the project. In Los Angeles he would shamelessly cap real graffiti art with his his lame wheat pastes. Since then I have never liked him and to top it off the dude is from France! What a piece of shit this dude is, and to find out Space invader is his cousin. What a letdown I like space invaders stuff. Now he has a connection with Banksy and some say he is Banksy, which I do not believe, fuck Mr Brainwash. Dont believe the hype.

Midzt arrested in Los Angeles

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Throwback Clip

Lil Weezy 11 years ago

Monday, April 12, 2010