Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Weekend

So the other day I went on an unexpected mission and encountered some stuff I couldnt believe. So I took some flicks, all from my phone so they are shitty quality but youll get the point.

First off went to go eat, when we noticed the street taped off for an event. It was a food cart event so we walked up and the dude said its 10 bucks but its all sold out. WTF. So we walked to the next entrance and simply walked right in past the dude. We got in and realized why it was 10$, all the food was free!

The ice cream flavors they had were stumpdown coffe, apple pie, and bacon and something.

From there we were pretty drunk already, and ended up at some party. Didnt know what to expect, we get there and theres a bunch a strange people, but tons of free alcohol so fuck it.

I got a white trash feeling at this birthday party, but we were getting drunk so it was cool. They were djing off you tube, first time i seen that.

This chick was hot

At this point im thinking where the hell am I? Then these girls starting doing the forbidden dance, that was cool.

We left there pretty wasted, ended up in the hood at a club they search you for weapons, and there are no white people. I saw this hot white chick with a sleeve I wanted to holler at but overheard her talking about "no im not white, come on now im purto rican", then she got down and got her eagle on. yea bitch your white gettdafuckouttahere.

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