Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Johnny Cupcakes

If you dont know about Johnny Cupcakes hes this dude from Boston who decided to start a T-Shirt company about cupcakes. For some reason he blew up and has mutiple stores and fans line up for blocks for his shirts.

Thats cool, im glad for his success, he seems like a good dude, and I been in his LA store, awesome design and the manager with the tat on her throat was real cool.

But I gotta throw some hateraide out there, sorry. I dont understand why these people wait in long lines for some T shirts with cupcakes on them. I dont think hes designs are dope, although the ideas and concept of it all is pretty cool, but in no way would I have ever thought he would blow up to where its at today.

Anyway decide for yourself

SF - fast fwd like 3 min in

Portland - this one the slow motion cam is really cool.


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