Friday, October 31, 2008

NBA is back

So the NBA season started this week. The west is once again filled with talent with Lakers,Rockets,Hornets,Mavericks,Suns, and Spurs. That leaves room for only 2 other playoff teams and i believe 1 will be the Nuggets. The east once again will be dominated by the Celtics,Cavs and Pistons.

Teams who will be better than you expect this year are the 76ers with the addition of Elton Brand, and the Bulls have a good squad also the rockets have a great addition with Ron Artest. I believe we will see a rematch of the Finals with the lakers battling the celtics but calm down Lakers fans, they will come up short again although with the loss of james posey the celtics will have to find decent offence and great defence elsewhere.

On another note my Fantasy team is sick with Steve Nash, Lebron James, Michael Redd, Dwight Howard, dam im coming strong.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Prodigy - Product of the 80's

Say what you want about dude. But i still enjoy his shit.

01. Intro
02. Waddup Gz (prod. by Sid Roams)
03. Shed Thy Blood (feat. Un Pacino) (prod. by Jake One)
04. Boxcutters (feat. Big Twin) (prod. by Sid Roams)
05. Catch Body Music (prod. by Sid Roams)
06. P Keep Spittin (prod. by Sid Roams)
07. Test Tube Babies (prod. by Sid Roams)
08. Cold World (prod. by Sid Roams)
09. Anytime (feat. Un Pacino) (prod. by Sid Roams)
10. Stop Stressin (prod. by Sid Roams & Benny Needles)
11. Damn Daddy (feat. Big Twins & Un Pacino) (prod. by Jake One)
12. Sex, Drugs, & Murder (feat. Big Twings & Un Pacino) (prod. by Sid Roams)
13. In The Smash (feat. Big Twins) (prod. by Sid Roams)
14. Circle Don't Stop (feat. Big Twins & Chinky) (prod. Sid Roams)
15. Am I Crazy? (prod. by Sebb)


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Jackalope Tattoo

If you need a tattoo in Portland hit up Jackalope
800 e. burnside PDX (503) 234-7667

Monday, October 27, 2008

Portland Oregon

Just got pack from Portland. I want to thank Koer and everyone I met out there for showing love. Portland is a great city and ill break down a few things I learned out there.
1. There is no tax in oregon (imagine all the money you would save because everything we buy is taxed)
2. Portland has the most strip clubs out of every city in the US
3. Portland is the #1 bike friendly city (basically everyone out there is on a bike)

World Famous Burnside Skate park

Portland is surrounded by waterways

Whattup to Disko, Asmah, Life and everyone else i met.

Some great nature just outside the city

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Monday, October 20, 2008

5AM The Video - UPDATE

This weekend we put about 15 hours of editing in. We are 56 minutes into the project and just need to complete a couple final edits. I'd say it should be completely finished in about 2 weeks and on Schedule for a NOVEMBER 2008 release.

Alyssa Milano

If you had a crush on Alyssa since "Whos the Boss" then you will be happy to know If you have Showtime on Demand then you can watch this Vampire porno Starring Alyssa Milano. Its Called Embrace of the Vampire and Alyssa gets naked. Seriously!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Travis from the hospital

Travis posted a blog on his myspace. Best wishes to him, seems like a good dude.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My Jordans Say "NIKE" on the back

So saturday they are releasing the 3 pack with some other robot futuristic george jetson jordans. Its seems like your being forced to buy ugly ass shoes just to get the dope retros. I really wanted the retro 4 pack also but then I would of been stuck with george jetson jordans also.

Luckily I copped the Black 3's like 6-7 years ago or whenever they were re released and my Jordans say NIKE AIR on the back they dont have the JUMPMAN logo which signifies you just copped them recently. I also have the black and white 5's both with NIKE AIR on the back. Not to discredit the jumpman jordans cause I also have those but you can tell a OG collector when you see that Nike AIR sign on the back of the shoe.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Monday, October 13, 2008

KRINK - Air Force 1's

Continuing with the 1World Project, Nike hits us with a look into a KRINK designed set of Air Force 1’s. Complete with the KRINK’s signature paint drip, the kicks feature 3M throughout with a special KRINK tagging alongside the tongue and heel. The silver joints are scheduled to release this month for $200 USD while the black pair remains a friends and family exclusive.

The silver joints are HOT!!! KR officially blown up now.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Obama 08ing Change

A Black man running ------ And it aint from the PO-lice

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Global Warming

107 in October? I think Al Gore was right. The weather has been all fucked up the last couple of years. Vote Obama!!!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Say It Aint So

Jason Williams decides to retire rather then play with the Clippers. WACK.. At least we still have Baron and Marcus Camby.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Which brings me to

The are you retarded award. People getting Hundreds logos tattooed on them? Are you serious? Do you even know Ben or Bobby? Do Ben or Bobby even have a hundreds logo tattooed on themselves? Unless I own the company or they have caused me to make tons of money I think its some of the stupidest shit I have seen.

heres 1 douche bag from south carolina

Now if you really want to act like your down with a company get this - at least the logo is cool.

More Wack Streetwear

I got an email from someone and he attached this picture.

Is this a real shirt they did? If so wow, talk about some fake sellout ass dudes.