Thursday, March 4, 2010

Banksy Vs Robbo

Good article on a battle between OG London Graff writer Robbo who came out of retirement at 40 years old to reclaim a spot Banksy altered of his. Graff writers in the UK are now dissing Banksy spots and writing Team Robbo!

I find this part interesting

A few years later, Robbo says he encountered Banksy, who was just surfacing, in an East London bar. After a fellow graffiti writer introduced them, Robbo says that Banksy replied, "I've never heard of you." Robbo says he cuffed Banksy in the face, sending his glasses flying.

"You may not have heard of me, but you will never forget me," Robbo says he told Banksy. The two haven't spoken since. Banksy declined to comment on the incident.

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