Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Get Baggy

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I can dig it when a new style comes into play. If you rock tight jeans thats cool, I aint hating on you. But its those dudes I was friends with who 5 years ago were all hip hopped out and on the skinny jeans tight shirts that I dont get.

Everyone looks kinda like this

Then everyone was like fuck Nikes. So now every kid has on vans or chucks. So now everyone who thought they were so original going away from the fads now looks exactly like every other kid on the street.

And why is the broke bummy look in style now? Dudes who are rich as fuck trying to look bummy, I dont get it. Where I come from girls would not fuck with dudes with no money. Times are a changin.

Bigg ass holes in your ears are not the jam no more.

I mean im just saying, come on people, step your game up

You all look like this

But if your girl looks like this - then your doing alright.

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cristian cardenas said...

i totally agree! and by the way, fake ray bans in neon colors aren't "steezy" you dipshits!