Saturday, August 15, 2009

Open Letter to LA Ink

First off I have nothing against Kat, but she is NOT that good! Sorry to burst your bubble people but my boy has been getting tattooed from her since way before she was famous, and I have never been a fan. I dont dislike her, I just think she is this corporate machine now and has compromised her art and craft for the sake of business.

Next up is the addition of Aubrey? WTF you look like an annoying little rat and dont think I dont remember your first reality show when you tried to get next to Bret Michaels on Rock Of Love. Seriously, she must have fucked one of the producers on LA INK to get on the show, how else do you explain her being there. She has no idea about tattooing, shes an idiot, no one likes her and not that the show was that good last season, but now its unbearable to watch.

Kat, for someone who says they are "so serious" about tattooing and the art, how would you even let the producers talk you into letting this annoying chick on the show and into your shop? Whats even worse is you can totally tell this has been crafted by the producers and I know Reality TV is not all reality but im seeing right through it, and it just makes the show horrible. This shit is worse than Tattoo Highway, and that show is CRAP also. Even though Chris Garver is the only dude on Miami Ink that can tattoo id much rather watch that show.

Bitch take your ass back to Rock Of Love where you belong

Do everyone a favor and bring Pixie back

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