Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Iphone VS. The Crackberry Storm (touch blackberry)

I purchased the I phone 2 years ago. Everything is super easy to do, text, make calls setup and check emails. The only problem was it didnt have picture messaging. WTF. Everytime someone sent me a pic message i had to log onto the internet to check it. Weak!

I decided I would try out the crackberry and just so happens a homies lady had the new Storm (touch blackberry) so I went over to the local cricket store and had that shit flashed. If you dont know about Crickett you can get unlimited talk, text, and web for 50$ and they can flash any phone with a sim card to their network.

Ive had the crackberry for like a week now and I gotta say the I phone crushes it. Way easier to work, functions are simple and quick. The blackberry is slower and it takes me like 2 minutes to get ready to take a picture on it. The plus side is its on Cricket and the plan is hella cheap. I think in the future ill probably be back to the Iphone.


Jantzen said...

you cant leave PDX with Cricket though. Which is FUCKED.

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