Monday, March 9, 2009

A Up North Trip

Crazy weather on the way to San Jose.

Got to San Jose and stayed at a sick ass pad. This is the view from the patio. We went out to a couple bars and clubs in San Jose but sorry San Joseans - wasent feeling your city.

Next day off to SF really hungover. Stopped and saw this

There was also this black dude sitting in his car with a OZ of weed on his lap rolling a blunt - no picture

Hung out in the mo mo all day hung over then went to the Warf to cop some world famous clam chouder

After that caught some KERSE tags on the way to a bar - RIP

That SF Life - Off to the Cow Palace

Ruger won a couple awards at the Tattoo Convention

This dude was dying to get an appointment with Ruger. I heard him say "this guy is the best one in here"

The Best in the Biz

Caught this in front of the Cow Palace - AZ in the house

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koerone said...

nigga you gotta get the chowder in a breadbowl, then its official