Tuesday, March 17, 2009

LAX to PDX (again)

Just home from SF and then its off to Portland. - Didnt take that many pics. Portland has the best deals at every bar. $1.00 PBRs or 3$ PBR 40's. $1.50 Haams 16oz. Most mixed drinks out there are about $3.00. The hipsters out there run rampant, the weather is cold but not too cold. Everyone is huge on the fixed gears out there. Dope city.

I slept with a hot bitch every night there - here she is

So no tax and cheap food. 2 meals and 2 beers $16.50

Later Portland


Jantzen said...

didnt know you were in town.

too busy being a hipster on my fixed gear bicycle i suppose.

koerone said...

yeah thanks for the beers homie!