Sunday, February 8, 2009

Michael Moores "SiCKO"

This movie was shocking at the least. If you havent seen SICKO you need to watch it. It breaks down how other countries have a Universal Heath Care system which people dont pay a dime for doctors visits. Their nations people are also living longer than people in the good ol USA. The "suits" in washington are only concerned with money and dont give a shit about the American people. When you get sick or hurt whats the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about visiting a doctor? Well if your like me it's fuck how much is this going to cost me? Imagine if it would cost you nothing. No more worries, no more people getting denied heath care. A Universal Heath Care system is the way to go and America needs to wake the fuck up. These horrible Insurance companies like Aetna, Blue Cross and the rest dont give a shit about you and their job is to come up with ways to keep you from getting the help you need or to not pay the bills you need paid all so they can keep the money rolling in.

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