Monday, February 9, 2009

A 5AM Guide to Phoenix Arizona

People ask me what the fuck do you do in Phoenix? Well let me brake it down a little. First you gotta hit up Cooperstown its owned by Alice Cooper and its pretty much a sports bar but you have to get the honey mustard chicken wings. The best wings ive ever had, better than hooters, wings n thangs, or big wangs. Also in downtown phoenix they have "first fridays" where the first friday of the month they have a huge artwalk. After the artwalk me and some homies went to The Bikini Lounge

Cool little bar and the PBR in a bottle was $2.00. Where im from the cheapest beer at a bar is at least 5-6$.

Bikini lounge was cool until me and the homie Rank starting talking to some chick who we believe sharted. - She did - She did LOL.. Nasty ass chick.

Next thing to report is the best dam strip club i think ive ever been to. (Except maybe Rosarito) The Great Alaskan Bush Co
We walk in and go to the left where you can drink and watch topless dancers. We order 3 drinks and she says 9$. Im thinking ok thats for 1 drink how much are the others. Nah it was 9$ total for 3 drinks. $3 drinks all night long and im talking all drinks!! My kinda place. And if your under 21 you go to the right when you walk in and that side is completely nude. What a great place!! Shout out to the bad ass mexican chick with the braces on the left side (wow!!) and the 2 white chicks who looked like some average ass chicks youd see at a house party or at school on the right side of the spot.

Stayed with the homie - he keeps it mad grimey

I had to wear shower slippers - I did - I did

Shout out to all the homies out there - the ones i already knew and the ones i met. Theres alot of good people out there in AZ.

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