Sunday, November 7, 2010

WTF happened to CAGE

Im all for new forms of hip hop music. If you want to wear tight jeans and smedium T-Shirts, hey thats fine. The baggy white T and baggy jeans are played out. But when you change up your style completely while trying way to hard to break away from what you are, and that seems to effect your music and not in a positive way, well thats when I gotta call you out. I mean dam take a look at Cages outfit here. I feel like the old Cage made better music. Bring the old Cage back. Yak Ballz, your falling into the same category. My Claim was a great album. Ever since your just aiiight. Isnt Aesop rock still rocking Nikes and baggy jeans? Yea and his music is still good. It seems people are trying way too hard to break away from the norm, but in doing so you have fallen into a new category, one which you will deny you are, but you my friends are indeed "hipsters."

Old cage vs new cage

Old Yak vs New Yak

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Rexwon said...

his sound just hit a dry spell since he stopped getting wet.