Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Blogosphere

What makes a good blog? What keeps people checking back? Well heres one I check on the regular some people may not know about. This dude The Arab Parrot or TAP has a pretty good one going. This dude has no money yet lives in LA and sometimes NY and is always at the most popular clubs and is constantly running into celebrities. He has a love of the old school hip hop era and I can relate to that. He drinks, smokes and does some Tony Yayo aka Bird Nip, one of his many references to Birds he uses during his blog. Pretty interesting - check it out
Some funny things going on like the situation last month in which he took a pic up Paris Hiltons skirt and ended up on TMZ. The night out with Actor Nicky Kat or the phone stealing situation with the stripper. Anyways check it out.

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