Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Mr Brainwash AKA MBW aka Go the fuck back to France

Clout posted this up about Mr Brainwash. I found it ignorant of Carson to say this dude is the most recognized street artist in the world. WTF? Carson Daly ever heard of BANSKY? Shepherd Fairey? Even though i dont like his shit even BuffMonster is pretty popular. Mr Brainwash??? Fuck this dude. If you do graffiti in Los Angeles you have probably been capped by him or know someone who has. This dude does not know the "street art" rules and needs to go the fuck back to France. This dude went as far as to put a paintbrush line through my shit. I had no idea who the fuck he was.

Heres what Trigz had for him

I think all graffiti writers should be dissing this dude

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